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Specialty Coverage - Umbrellas, Fidelity & Surety

Umbrellas and Excess Insurance Policies
Most Commercial Businesses require more protection than is available under standard Commercial General Liability policy.  Sometimes it is as simple as providing additional policy limits through a Umbrella or Excess Policy.  These Umbrella or Excess policies may sit over a number of policies providing additional liability or property protection.  These Excess policies usually are less expensive compared to the primary insurance coverage and provides needed protection for a business.

Fidelity Insurance

Provides coverage in the event of theft or losses by employees or third parties.  Some limited protection may exist in the standard primary insurance policies but businesses often require higher limits for theft through a Fidelity policy.

A Surety policy is not technically an insurance policy but rather a financial guarantee or a Bond.  Businesses are often required to provide a surety bond guaranteeing the ability to perform required work covered under a contract.  The ELS Group is experienced at working through the intricacies of surety bonds that are so necessary for many industries and businesses.



We Build Partnerships

We don't accept pre-packaged solutions in our business and we don't expect you to either.

Strong working relationships with the insurance companies we represent help us to negotiate innovative cost effective solutions for our clients.  Our primary focus is finding solutions from low hazard to complex risk, while representing an ever-growing client base.
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